ActivityPub plugin released by Automattic

The ActivityPub plugin allows an easy way to integrate with the Fediverse, including Mastodon. Right now, this plugin works with ClassicPress, requiring WordPress 4.7 or above. But we all know where that’s headed.
Does anyone who’s technically competent care to fork this plugin so it remains a viable plugin for ClassicPress?

I’m using it on my ClassicPress. No issues so far. They claim to support v4.7 and up, so it should be OK for now. With CP v2.0 in the works, even if they bump the requirement above v5 it should still work then.

Will need to keep an eye on it.

I was not aware CP 2.0 would accommodate plugins that required WP v5… that’s HUGE! What’s the ETA on that release?

This is part of v2.0 re-fork based on the latest WP v6+. We’ve made progress, but hard to say when it will be ready. A few months minimum. When we’re ready, we will make announcement to test it.

Compatibility with plugins/themes will depend on the plugins/themes. They will need to make sure to check for existence of block-related functions, so they don’t cause fatal errors since they will be missing. They should be doing it anyways as a best practice, but you never know.

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