Add better admin posts/pages edition

  • Better search in pages, based on title content only. Example if you search for “foobar”, you want this page to be in the results. Not the 150 children pages of it
  • Add filter for parent page in the list
  • Ability to order the pages with drad and drop from the list (without the need to edit every page and set the order number)
  • Better view list, where the title is not written on 5 lines with every word splitted

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Author: ced1870

Vote count: 4

Status: open


This is many petitions in one. I would leave this for a general UI improvement phase if that ever happens.

Open (keep open for possible implementation)

+1 for Ability to order the pages with drag and drop from the list since its really simple to implement and should be a core feature indeed

We actually had a petition specific to drag and drop ordering, which we ended up closing: