Add CP requirements in a better place than readme.txt file

It seems requirements such as PHP requirements and the likes are not really easily accessible.

If no one can find them in the next couple days (other than the CP readme.txt file itself) I think I will add a link to DOC on the download page, and on the DOC explain minimal requirements in a more central and accessible place.


If it’s that hard to find, I’d say just go ahead and create the page on the Docs site.

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Docs sounds good to me :+1:

Note to myself
This needs to be so prominent so we can avoid this stuff:

Most likely due to a theme or plugin requirements of wp 5.0 above

Of 10 users with this issue likely only 2 actually take the time to report issues - from my experience during support times most users either act like “it works” or “it doesn’t work, is :poop:, i’m out”.

Only very few spend the time to report, and half of them report only as “piggy back” followers of an already reported issue.

Thus we have to assume that there are 9 users now already disregarding cp due to easily avoidable issues, and one willing to report the issue 🥲

I’ll try to tackle this tomorrow so download page is crystal clear and lets users begin without hassle.

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The WP code has a function specifically for checking the version supported for themes and plugins. I mentioned the place in the code in Slack where those versions are parsed.
This should all be added to CP, and if not, the migration plugin, but it is tricky since it’s WP version numbers not CP version.
Also important is PHP version.

First of all our landing page’s first CTA is “visit the forums”
This needs to be changed to that to be first “Get ClassicPress”, but I can’t do it, because the theme is somehow using a set of “hardwired” sections that I cannot move in location above the actual post content, which is the part that says “Visit forums”
@wadestriebel - is it possible to move the “Get ClassicPress” section above the “visit the forums” section?

The sections contents can stay, they just need to change position. We are not trying to get people to join a forum, they want ClassicPress.

The page also needed a redesign. It is OK to show “migrate” before “install fresh” but I think on top of everything a button should be added “Download ClassicPress”
I have added them, along with a short SEO targeted introduction and the most important requirements.

Still I think that page has too much information, that should (and is) be in the doc. But I have left it for now, waiting for approval/feedback on this first.

BTW I also again fixed the target _blank on the download buttons - I had fixed them in past but somehow they changed back to be _blank and that’s just inadequate to download something, correct me if I am wrong, but I do not want to see a new, empty tab to download an item, things have to download inside the same tab. That’s just how downloads work usually in the web

I am now off to “copy” the readme into a DOC and will link that too.

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Added a link on the page for the requirements guide at, which also now links to a DEV Guide about how to add Shims to ClassicPress, see

I think we can close here.

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I think the theme is hosted here:

We will likely need to update it there then pull that update down to the server.

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Deployed :+1:


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