Add Micropub support

Micropub is a W3C standard for publishing that is incredibly easy to implement. The advantage of having a platform agnostic posting API that supports simple form encoded or json encoded posts will instantly open up WordPress to many additional editors.

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Author: David Shanske

Vote count: 10

Status: open


Is there any interest in this? This seems to be an alternative to XML-RPC and REST API, but with much lower adoption. I’ve never heard of it until now.

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I don’t see why we’d need to learn a new way to do what another thing already part of the cms does probably just as well

We’re talking about removing xml but add another service? That makes poor sense. If anything, a plugin can be written to help users use it, imo?

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Since we plan on removing XML-RPC into a core plugin, it doesn’t make sense to be adding any new. This is plugin territory like XML-RPC will be. Setting this petition to close.

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