Add options for widget visibility into ClassicPress core

Not sure what your plans are for widgets, but something I’ve been fighting with WP for many years–something that is common sense–is to have the ability to disable a widget title and to also the option to show/hide widgets on select pages.

You have to install third party plugins to do this and the idea, especially to lessen the security risks, is to have these capabilities in the core. Plus, if you have to use plugins, you never know if they will be maintained, and if not, this creates a problem then. Best to keep these types of options in the core of your cms.

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I’ve been following a lot since past Friday. I have my say :wink: : it is a necessary function in many projects. I am not a developer, but I think it is easier to work on the widget container, with the option of choosing the sidabar in pages, posts and cp. later maybe add the stcky function. I think it is easier to understand and use even for the novice user. Rather than working on every single wideget, the container is created and scales where to display it.

This doesn’t make sense for core since each widget has its own function for how it is rendered. Some have no title field. Most that do don’t output anything if it is empty.

This doesn’t make sense for core because the theme is in charge of widget areas and has nothing to do with which widgets are in each area. Core provides the framework for storing and retrieving the widgets in each area.
However, the current available filters are poorly conceived. We could add (or adjust) the filter for widget rendering so that it’s easier to add fields and to bypass output altogether.

I don’t understand what you are saying, but widgets don’t belong with the content editor.

I try to explain: let’s assume you have the active text widget in the sidebar. You create a container (sidabar), in which you insert the html widget.
At this point you have two widget containers (sidebar). It is not decided where they can be displayed.
At this point go to edit the post, page, CP and choose which container (sidebar) to display. You can have countless containers (sidabars) and each post, page, CP, can display whatever it wants. Perhaps it would be useful to be able to assign a contentore (sidebar) to a category or taxonomy as well. In this way you can also add functions to the container such as the sticky.
Sorry for my English, I hope I was able to explain myself.

But it isn’t core that decides where those sidebars are (or even if there are any sidebars). That’s the theme’s job. So it’s not clear why widget visibility should be a matter for core other than providing appropriate hooks for plugins and themes to use.

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You’re right! Then the leaner and lighter the core the better. You could move the function to a plugin or as it says give simple hook for themes.

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Should we create an issue or petition for this?

This specific petition to include widget visibility will be closed. The theme is responsible for the widget areas and this isn’t inline with keeping the core slim. There’s a plugin for this.

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