Add TinyMCE, Revisions, and Featured Image in Quick Edit

We have added the TinyMCE editor in Quick Edit plus a few nifty features for quickly creating multiple Posts and Pages. We are currently working on adding Post/Page Revisions and Featured Images in Quick Edit too. I believe in time, this can continually be extended.

I believe this development would be a great edition to add to ClassicPress core and I would be happy for you to freely use this code.

You can check out the developments at our website here: (Moderator’s note: dead link removed)


Keep up the great work there.

Damian Baker

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Author: Damian Baker

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I think one of the main draws is that ClassicPress is the WordPress that people grew to know and love and there’s not a need to contrast minor differences. The best differences between the two projects are the community, democratic process, and changed leadership – none of which are easily highlighted by a feature set in the software.

To me, ClassicPress isn’t WordPress minus Gutenberg… it’s WordPress minus Gutenberg and many other things that sucked about WordPress that had nothing to do with the software itself. :slight_smile:


The website provided in the original petition is dead and the project never made it to the GitHub. This type of functionality, similar to Enriched Editor, should be left for plugins. I will set this petition to close, but it can be re-opened if you disagree with the decision.