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In my opinion the best thing in Gutenberg is the ability to save a post without reloading the page. I think the editor for posts (or pages or CPT) should use a modal, like the attachment editor in the media library, with instant navigation to previous/next post and button for instant close.

Read-only archive: https://petitions.classicpress.net/posts/127/ajaxify-post-edit

Author: maxime

Vote count: 3

Status: open


The current editor does use AJAX for autosave. It also stores content in sessionStorage of the browser, so you don’t lose your work.
I see nothing wrong with reloading the page.
We definitely don’t want a modal for the entire editor, due to

  • how Screen Options work,
  • how the page is identified for Help text,
  • the modals that are used by the editor(context forms, menus, charmap, links, search) and by core (media, help) and by plugins(could be anything),
  • fullscreen mode,
  • distraction free mode,
  • Text mode,
  • and the need to be able to access all the menu items while in the editor.

There is a PR already for adding a Next and Previous link on the editor page.

It is actually the worst thing in GB to be able to save without reloading the page (AJAX). Anyone who has worked with more than a couple sentences in a post will know why I say that, so I do not enter into further details.

I vote against any sort of “on the fly/ajax/js” features added in the backend.
If anything, the autosave is enough fancy already.
Things should work, not look nice but break at first attempt.

This might appear to be a problem on sites with slow, overloaded hosting and/or sites that have way too many inefficient plugins installed.

Anyway the solution is to fix the site rather than rewrite the editor to avoid reloading the page.

This can still be explored as a plugin but I am setting this petition to close in a week.

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