Allow editing of page title and meta description (SEO)

The ability to edit the page title and meta description is a fundamental aspect of SEO. Both of these elements combined help with search engine ranking and click through rate. At present, it is only possible to edit these two key elements by installing a plugin.

However, as they are so important to SEO, I feel it would be of great benefit to all if the ability to edit the page title and meta description was made part of the CP core. In my view, this should be an essential feature of any business-focused CMS.

If this feature were to be implemented, the SEO page title could default to the ClassicPress page title + site title and the meta description to the first 155-160 characters of the page content or excerpt.

There could also be a setting and/or filter to globally disable this feature as and when required (e.g. if installing a SEO plugin).

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Author: 1stepforward

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Status: open