Already updated to 5.0

What if you’ve already updated to WP 5.0 and are using the (temporary) Classic Editor plugin?

I’m also not sure about the premium theme I’m using and understand Wordfence is not on board yet.

Thanks for starting this. I’m most disgusted with the autocrattic :wink: move that has led to this state of affairs.


One of my sites was already using 5.0, so I rolled it back to 4.9.8 using FTP. Then it converted just fine.

Migration plugin now supports migrating from WP 5.

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I did migrate my site from 5.0 to CP just fine. But to be sure you have to nake a full backup or setup at staging enviroment first. Then disable anything like security plugin this could cause error.

After that your good to go.


Thanks for the info.


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