Alternate Git forges for plugins? (GitLab, Gitea etc)

What would be involved in supporting other git forges when submitting to the plugin directory? Just changing the dropdown list on the New Plugin page? Or is there a backend process that relies specifically on GitHub and would need to be adapted to other sites?

I’ve been using lately, a site built on Gitea that’s dedicated to hosting FOSS projects. I’ve mirrored my first CP plugin to GitHub for now, but it would be nice to be able to link it directly to the Codeberg release.

The main point is about having public repos where the code is visible.
So theoretically we would like to support more repos in future as long they are public.

However it’s also about (in future) reading data from those repos, so each repo added needs integration work.

Thus the main decisive point is „who will do it“
If you can integrate your repo of choice with the current dir, which is written with laravel, it could be done as fast as you could have it integrated. Otherwise it’s just one person right now who can do this and there are several pressing tasks in this area to solve first.

The only other public repo allowed atm is WordPress svn.

Is there an actual integration with GitHub API in the directory? I know this was talked about. I haven’t seen anything to suggest that, but I might be wrong.

If GitHub API isn’t used yet, we might want to consider allowing other Git services to be used. Like GitLab, which I personally prefer and use.

There isn’t much integration with git (none, realistically), but the more we add because we don’t have one, the more we need to integrate later and make sure things work.

I’d keep it narrow until one is integrated properly, then move to the next. Otherwise we end up again with many unfinished things.
It’ll also give us experience to learn from.

It would be nice to accommodate everyone immediately, but so far it’s been a couple private repos (that’s a no go anyway), one „no GitHub“ and a couple wp svn. The rest was all on GitHub.

I think for now it’s the way to stick.
Unless, as said, someone can commit to the work. Then why not.


Makes sense. I’d be willing to do it, in part as a learning experience (I know PHP but I’ve never used Laravel) but I’m already overcommitted at the moment! Who knows, maybe I’ll have more time around the time you’re ready to start integrating it

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