Alternative chromium browsers for better privacy

For the Chrome users out there who want nothing to do with FLoC, but want to continue using Chrome, there is Vivaldi Browser, that is based on Chrome but very privacy focused.

On FLoC that is what they have to say.

(I know it’s not on topic, but it’s an alternative to DuckDuckGo)


I’ve been using Vivaldi since it was in beta and am very happy with it as my primary browser.

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I first tried it and didn’t fall in love.
I switched officially today. My first evaluation was slightly wrong.
They have webmail and WordPress blogs also. Limited to something similar to free plans… Astonished.

How are the devtools compared to Chrome?

If you know how to use goggle chrome web tools, Vivaldi’s are basically the same… is another one. Opinions welcome but to me it seems to perform better than Vivaldi on older computers.

Any of the Chromium forks should have the same dev tools as Chrome: a programmatic side, both support Google DevTools protocol with all of the flexibility and possibilities this brings, …

In my opinion there are some Firefox forks that are also worth looking at. Here are a couple:


Every time I tried Vivaldi (and that’s several times) I found it bloated and sluggish, on both Mac and Linux. On my systems Brave runs much faster.

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One more nod for Brave, if you want to be in the Chrome world. And WaterFox, if you prefer the competing ecosystem.

They recently announced release of speed enhancements.

I tried Vivaldi as I was a fan of Opera until the re-write post O12 and Vivaldi is by one of the Opera founders…

I know this may be a bit unpopular with some, but Chromium-based MS Edge also doesn’t participate. If accessibility is of the essence for you, as it is for me, that’s a good choice on all three platforms Mac, Windows and Linux.


Good to know.

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It’s my understanding that Chrome is the only Chromium-based browser (at this point) that is implementing FLoC. All the others should be FLoC-free (at least for now.)


I would suggest Ungoogled Chromium: