Alternative Repo and Version Control

Since ClassicPress is a move in the decentralized direction, in part getting away from the overreach of the Automattic corporation, would it not be consistent, if not prudent, to move the ClassicPress repository away from the growing Octocat tentacles of Microsoft’s GitHub to an alternative service?

GitHub has great tools for collaborating. Not sure I see any benefit in moving, nor any Automattic ties by staying.

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Thank you for your input, it is appreciated.

Our whole philosophy around the directory is making it as easy as possible for developers.

In my opinion, most developers have an understanding of how to use Github and I am in support of using Elementary’s AppCenter as inspiration in this regard.

Here is a link to my comments previously: ClassicPress Plugin Directory


Personally I’d be open to moving to a self-hosted alternative, as long as it works the same way (a git repository with integrated issues, pull requests, review comments, etc).

GitLab is the one alternative I’m aware of that would probably meet all of our requirements as well as giving us full control over our data, which should be a goal with any such move.

However, the scope of this migration project should be appreciated as already quite large, and at the infrastructure level we are not ready to host this ourselves yet.