Amicable (ClassicPress Theme) Available

Here, I would to introduce Amicable, a ClassicPress theme. As this is the first release, any feedback would be greatly appreciated and hope that you all enjoy this new theme for ClassicPress

Download here


Good to see ClassicPress themes are getting some love!

I would like to point out that I do not have an auto update for the theme yet due to some techncial issues but in the meantime. I would like to introduced you to the updated version of Amicable. This mainly fixed the Footer Widgets that gets display at the bottom. This update should resolve the display of the widgets correctly when using an Smartphone or a Tablet

Version: 1.0.1
Download here

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I am on mobile now, and can’t fetch the link. But there is the update manager plugin to serve updates.
It’s one of @Code_Potent plugins.
If I recall correctly the plugin is able to serve both plugins and themes updates.

EDITED TO ADD: link to update manager plugin

And yes, it serves both plugins and themes updates.

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hey yeah, I’m re-designing my site apparently so I’ll probably gonna use something else to fetch updates since I’m mainly on WordPress for my personal reasons but will continue to support themes for ClassicPress.

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I’ve just done a quick test and both Update Manager from @Code_Potent and Stats for Update Manager (from me :sunglasses:) seem to run fine on WP 5.5.3.


Amicable (Version: 1.0.2) now available for download
Click here, now supports Update Manager by @Code_Potent


I have finally got my site up and running but lack contents apparently, but please note that for this theme, please update to 1.0.2 since this version has the built-in update manager by @Code_Potent.

I am still writing the content so come back soon.

update now: