Anti-Malware compatibility with ClassicPress

Hi @james, thanks for this info. I am making sure that my Anti-Malware plugin is 100% compatible with ClassicPress and the only hiccup seams to be the Core Files scans and determining the correct version of ClassicPress. I have not found any real differences in the nightly and migration versions so I plan on only supporting the mil releases. Is there anything that might need to be aware of as for as differences in the official version number verses the migration and nightly versions?

Also, I’m not sure if this is a bug or if it’s how this function was intended to work but the classicpress_version_short() function returns the same thing for me as the classicpress_version() function. I see that the token delimiter being used is “-” but the version numbers are appended with +migration, so I am using strtok(classicpress_version(), “-+”) to find the master version number that I am looking for. Maybe that can be fixed in a future release, unless there is some reason that it is supposed to be the way it is.

Additionally, though I’m not sure if this is the right place for this, I am current testing ClassicPress v1.1.2 and I still get this pesky message in my wp-admin pages:

WordPress 5.3.2 is available! Please update now


The nightly builds will be different than the release builds, but very few people will be running these. It may be easiest to disable the core files check for nightly builds.

The migration build for e.g. 1.1.1+migration.20191018 should always contain the same files as the base version (in this example 1.1.1).

Yes, your approach of strtok(classicpress_version(), "-+") is correct. This will also be fixed in the upcoming 1.2.0 release:

ClassicPress itself doesn’t check for WordPress core updates. This could be caused by a plugin you have installed. Or, if you migrated to ClassicPress manually, without using the migration plugin, I guess the upgrade cache could also get stuck for a little while. You might try going to “Dashboard > Updates” and clicking “Check Again”.