Any plugins to embed PDF's

Is anyone considering a plugin for ClassicPress to embed PDFs in pages/posts, or can recommend an existing Wordpress plugin which will work?

I tried a couple earlier this week and whilst one worked for me it failed for some other site users so looking for something fairly simple and reliable

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@robf I have a version of PDF Embedder pre-gutenberg with the version changed to 9.9.9

You can see it working at and download it from

The free version does not allow clicking on hyperlinks within the PDF and cannot be downloaded directly.

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Many thanks @Aussie much appreciated, have downloaded and I will give it a try, it may well be ideal for basic use.

Still looking for something that will allow clickable links within PDF, more flexible pagination (for long documents) and option to download the PDF, so any further suggestions most welcome

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I’ve used this for a while: Embed PDF Viewer – WordPress plugin |
Now it states compatibility wit WP 4.6+ but don’t work.
I’ve just had a look and simply removing line 47 from main plugin file does the trick.

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Many thanks @Simone I’ll give it a try too

@robf There is another plugin called “PDF.js Viewer” which I have installed for

The current version works out of the box and can be downloaded at

It is more powerful and adds extra features. The PDF links open in the same window though, despite setting them to open in a new tab. I have added the message to right click on links.

It is also not very mobile friendly, with “pinch to zoom” disabled, although the “+” zoom works. The entire PDF is also displayed, not just the current page. This can be improved by clicking on “>>” and selecting “Horizontal scrolling”.

There is reference to the plugin not working in the Windows Edge browser, but I don’t use Windows.

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Many thanks, @Aussie that looks very useful and I’ll check it out for sites I run with lots of PDFs, though it would probably need to work with Edge as a lot of community sites I run have non-tech visitors who rarely change default browsers and use old devices

Original site which prompted the issue had users who couldn’t view when I used another plugin to display PDF, so as it was basically a two page poster I converted to jpg -

Useful to have options that work on ClassicPress going forward though, so thanks to both yourself and @Simone for suggestions