Anyone would like to take over snitch?


There are always plugin that collect data on sites, and there is a great plugin to check outbound url, and it would be much helpful for privacy.

unfortunately, it seems out of update for long time.

Anyone would like to take over?


Looks Intressting, if you would like use it, i can put this Plugin in my PSOURCE Repo and we can overhaul it for CLassicPress.

In Progress

piestingtal-source/snitch (

Great thanks.

We also have a Wordpress site, can you make it work with Wordpress too?


Sure, i will see what i can to for ya

So, my test shows that it also works on WordPress. A bit of code is to be overhauled, but it is functional. I’ve included my updater, so you can expect another update in the next few days.

The plugin should now work up to PhP 8.1. You can report bugs to me here or on GitHub if you find any

Is there anything else I can do for you?

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Expect update for Wordpress too.

You can use it booth, ClassicPress/WordPress too