API for published plugins & devs

Add api endpoints for plugins and devs.

Simple version is done, just adding test coverage then will get it deployed :tada:


Initial version of the plugin and developers api is deployed, docs post coming soon re using it :+1:

Here is CPs developer profile: https://directory.classicpress.net/api/developers/classicpress


@wadestriebel - I have written up the general DOC for it here (not yet published).
Could you review it for technical correctness? I tested the code and of course it works, just better if you as its dev look over it, I think.

Then we can publish this.

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The new API is now documented here


Great job! Just a few suggestions.

I would move example integration section to the end of the article. API information is more important than examples and the main part of the article, and that should be available towards the top/beginning. Similar to WP.org or PHP.net articles.

I would also add a heading to the examples section,“Integration Examples” or something like that so it’s part of the ToC.

Lastly, I wouldn’t use a list structure for examples because it makes code boxes smaller and require more horizonal scrolling for no reason.


Good points, implemented.


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