Archetype the target market


I like @viktor’s description. It encompasses everything I think k we have all been trying to say.


I ve been using wp since version 1.2 (!!!)
And during the years I ve converted ALL my clients’s website into Wp and now with Guthemberg I had to wait and / or install the
While I am not a tech person basically 60% of my income is due to wordpress in a way or another (funnel building and so on)

ClassicPress can be a solution for me and my clients, some of them are so basic that I need hours of teaching to insert a post with wp 4.x - with wp 5+ it will be an impossible mission i fear.

Why we don’t start with the WHY ClassicPress is born and make a brand positioning statement?

CP helps micro and Small Medium company to have a presence on the web. CP focus on stability, security and X so you can focus on your business.
_ Thanks to his ever growing plugin lists if you have an idea you can probably implement in zero time._
CP is 100% compatible with Wp 4.9.x and will be compatible with Wp at least until dec 2012, so you can move in with us


ps i think that now “ClassicPress” is a good name for its positioning but it will need something different sooner or later


Following up on this thread, here is a blog post exploring this messaging in more detail, from around the time we adopted it:


That’s a really good (and really well-written) article - I had missed that, and I wish I’d read it before I started contributing to this discussion.

Any chance it can be given a bit more prominence? It gets lost down in page 2 among all the blog articles. I’d be giving it a dedicated menu link.


I am a small business owner. I prefer Professional CMS vs Business CMS. More inclusive while being stronger.


Thanks for that feedback!