Are you creating articles, tuts, plugins, videos, or any other type of ClassicPress content?

TL;DR: Click any of the links in this post to get your material on the podcast.

Just a heads up for all you other ClassicPress content creators (and finders of cool ClassicPress things): the WP Plugins A to Z podcast, run by John Overall, has added a ClassicPress section to his long-running weekly show. :slight_smile: And he wants to hear from you! This is a sweet chance to get a bit of extra exposure for anything ClassicPress – he’s interested in articles, tutorials, plugins, themes, videos, etc…and even interviewing those who are making things happen in the community. Even if you didn’t create the content yourself, if you find something useful or cool, you can send him a tip on his site or social media and he’ll talk about it on the show.

If you’ve ever tried to get something noticed in the WP space, you know how tough it is – no matter how cool/handy/useful the thing is, if you’re not one of the couple-hundred community elites or providing a non-stop stream of free work, it’s near impossible to even make a blip on the radar. Amiright? In contrast, Code Potent plugins and articles have already been covered on the podcast about a dozen times in ~6 months. I even got a spot doing a developer interview to talk about ClassicPress and what I’m up to with it. It was a fun way to get a little extra exposure for my projects and brand. :slight_smile:

If you’re looking for a place to share your ClassicPress projects, the podcast is a very level playing field and the format is easy-going and casual. A couple handy links to close up: get a plugin reviewed or schedule an interview.

In full disclosure, I’m not affiliated with the podcast in any way. I’m writing because I believe it has boosted my efforts and I believe if can boost yours, too. Nothing is more motivating than knowing your work is actually being noticed and making a difference.


Here’s one I wrote a while back…


Thanks, @Dick_Metcalf. The intent of this post is to point you in the right direction to get your material mentioned or showcased on the podcast. Please visit any of the links in the post and submit your article.

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I can vouch for John Overall and his weekly podcast. He mentions ClassicPress.Club every week, sometimes bringing up the site live on screen.

He would very much like more things to talk about, as he has virtually run out of new content. I haven’t watched this week’s episode before writing this, because I don’t want to cloud my impressions so far.

We have a unique opportunity with John and his award winning podcast. Free, weekly promotion of CP by someone well respected in the WP world is worth its weight in gold.

While he has interviewed James, Michelle and CodePotent for his podcasts, the only other content he has to use is plugins that have been developed specifically for CP.

I encourage people to put their thinking hats on and get in contact with John if they have anything, or are working on anything, that can promote CP. It’s an opportunity not to be wasted.


I believe he’s also brought attention to @omukiguy’s tutorial videos, as well as number of community members’ related blog articles. He also likes to cover the happenings… things like directors having been added, the new CP site being launched, CP’s 1st birthday, for examples. But, yes… everything you just said.


Yes, I have been watching his podcasts for so long there are many things he has mentioned about CP. The important point is, he’s struggling for new information.