At installation, leave a choice between adding default content or not

Put a radio button with the choice between installing default/dummy data (like sample page, post and maybe even plugins) or a clean empty installation (could be the default option).

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Author: Nelson Therrien

Vote count: 68

Status: open


  • difficulty-easy
  • request-modify-feature


My vote on this petition goes only for the part “do not install dummy data”
Clean install of a CMS, no example content, comments, and the like.


For developers or experienced users, this is true. But for new users, user experience research shows that dummy data does help onboard new users better and shorten time to value.

Here are 2 good resources on this:

Giving an option to not install demo data would be a better choice, but based on other petitions the general consensus is to remove options instead of adding new options to the installation screen.

Since developers are the ones that usually don’t want dummy data, what if we took a slightly different approach to give users an option to not install without adding a checkbox to the GUI. What if we included an option to not install dummy data as a URL parameter?

Here’s an example:

  • Standard installation URL: /wp-admin/install.php
  • Installation URI with options: /wp-admin/install.php?options=no-data

We could also remove the search engine checkbox and add it as a URL option. Maybe I’m overthinking this. But it would be a nice way to give a bit more granular control to developers and advanced users while keeping the GUI of the installation screen nice and simple.