Australian CP domain name

So… I was just nosing around the domain names to see what else CP had registered when I discovered that was still available. So I’ve now got it.

I have no plans for it at all - it was mainly just to secure it before some other less-charitable person decided to grab it. I guess you could call it a pre-emptive strike. :wink:

I’m happy to park it indefinitely, or do a permanent redirect to the main site if anyone thinks that has any value. At the moment I have installed CP on it (of course) but I’ve locked it to my IP address using htaccess, so it’s just my personal playground.

It did occur to me that when CP takes off (and I’m confident it will), it could perhaps be used for something Australia-specific, like hosting a directory of Australian website developers that support/use CP.


What is the policy (if any) on using ClassicPress as part of a domain name and/or an associated product/service?

I had my wrist slapped for using WordPress in the past so trying to spare my wrist another tap :smile:

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To be honest, there is no real policy in place yet. That being said, we are open to input on it!

@BlueSkyPhoenix and @scott are probably the best people to get some input from in this regard :slight_smile:


Yes, happy to hear any input on this. As I mentioned, I have no plans on using the domain name for anything and would do whatever the committee thinks best.

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Safest route, if someone wants to use ClassicPress in their domain name and/or business name they must get written approval from CP.

You want to keep control over your brand name.


WordPress allows you to use “wp” in your domain name, but not “wordpress”.

You could do the same for ClassicPress, but without the legal funds to enforce it, it would be pointless. is already registered, along with the .in, .ru and several others.


From a branding standpoint, we’d prefer that the full name not be used as part of a domain name and/or an associated product/service. CP would be fine; even Classic works IMO, but no to the full name. So…
CPTables or CP Tables gets a thumbs up
ClassicTables or Classic Tables gets a thumbs up
ClassicPress Tables would be a thumbs down.

Part of the problem from a domain perspective is that we could spend a ton of money trying to secure all of the ClassicPress TLDs… it’s so hard to find a balance. @ozfiddler I’ve no problem with you parking the .au – thanks for your thoughtfulness. We’ll keep it in mind for the future. I agree with you that it could become useful! :slight_smile:


OK, no worries. It’s not exactly a huge expense so I’ll just keep it registered and off the market.


Yes, I realize that several TLDs are already registered. I just thought that I wanted to register in order to redirect it to the official CP site, but it was registered as early as August 2018, at the same time as… I should also have thought earlier about registering - registered by somebody else in December 2018, actually the day after I published an article in French about CP.
I briefly went through the new TLDs. Nothing that I really thought we should register at any cost, although one might consider .tech, .app, .services, .store
( is available… but as a premium name at $ 6,000 a year! At least, that registry seems to believe in the future of CP! :slight_smile:).
The challenge is indeed that there are now so many TLDs.


Yeah, there is a lot, but one that might be considered is the new .dev thats about to come out.

Also, I own which I redirected to the forum, but if anybody has a better idea what to do with it, tell me.