Australian hosting master thread: Synergy Wholesale


  • good option for multiple sites and domain names
  • standard cPanel-based hosting
  • a white label service with WHMCS API
  • excellent support, based in Australia
  • build your own plans - up to 400%CPU, 8 GB memory, 25 GB storage
  • websites get spread over different servers
  • very reasonable pricing
  • hourly backups
  • free SSL certificates


  • Some people consider the $99 sign up fee a negative (it is refundable if you add 100 services in the first 30 days), but it’s there to make sure you are genuine. Also you won’t find their prices made available to the general public, which is standard practice for wholesaling.

General information

Synergy Wholesale is designed more for resellers and white label suppliers. It is an attractive option if you are managing multiple sites, even if you aren’t doing the full WHMCS service.

Open questions

Status of ClassicPress support: Unknown. But I have over a dozen CP sites running on a Synergy account with no issues.


Unfortunately there may be some random issues with dropouts during updating of ClassicPress sites on Synergy servers.

Details here: Sites freezing in middle of update process

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