Australian hosting master thread: VentraIP/Zuver


  • Servers are in Australia and not oversold
  • A good, solid company that won’t get bought out any time soon
  • Support is very good, support team located in Australia
  • Standard features like free SSL certificates, daily backups
  • 100% Australian owned
  • Standard cPanel-based hosting


  • No longer offering reseller plans. If you have a number of sites to host, see my post about Synergy wholesale

General information

If you have one website (or just a few sites) and are looking for shared hosting in Australia then VentraIP is a safe choice. Hosting plans start at A$8.95 a month. Support is generally very good, and they also offer a direct email line to senior management if there are any issues that need escalating; they appreciate feedback and will do their best to resolve any problems. They have an active presence on the Whirlpool forums and the CEO often contributes and responds to any criticism or suggestions.

VentraIP also run a sister business called Zuver which used to be the budget version, but this has recently been revamped and they are now offering more expensive “Wordpress hosting” plans that starts at A$19/month (A$15.83 per month if billed yearly). However, you can still find some cheap basic cPanel hosting plans elsewhere on the site and these start as low as A$4 per month.

Open questions

Status of ClassicPress support: Unknown. I currently have a half dozen CP sites running on a Zuver account with no issues.

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Unfortunately there may be some random issues with dropouts during updating of ClassicPress sites on Zuver servers.

Details here: Sites freezing in middle of update process

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