Auto XML Sitemap Generation (SEO)

I would like to see the ability to automatically create an XML sitemap “on-the-fly” built into the CP core.

As with the ability to edit the page title and meta description (see , a well-structured and up to date XML sitemap is an essential part of SEO, helping Google (and others) to crawl your site.

This feature is only made possible at present through the installation of 3rd party plugins but in my view should be a core feature of any business-focused CMS.

If this feature were to be implemented, there could be global enable/disable setting and/or filter to be used as and when required (e.g. when installing a SEO plugin).

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Author: 1stepforward

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Status: open


The SEO framewok plugin free is simple, stable and the best for seo.

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No SEO plugin is “the best” for SEO. They all provide meta tags and titles, which is what the search engines need. After that, it’s down to which extra (non-essential) features you want, because they all have a slightly different selection to tempt the buyer.

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Just adding perspective on this petition. Not all CMS are used for marketing, so SEO in the core would be considered bloat. Plenty of people using CMS platforms to build intranets, private forums or social networking sites, or membership websites, etc.

Since we want to keep ClassicPress lean and mean while giving users the ability to add functionaltity they need, this probably won’t ever be added to the core. Remember, we are moving core features into core plugins. So this belongs in a plugin. Plus, now we have Classic SEO plugin which is the official ClassicPress plugin. So the functionaltity is available. Core or plugin the functionality is the same.


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