Automatic updating of plugins from a personal repo

I’ve just been discussing this on Slack but thought it might be of interest to others on the forum.

This week I wrote my first plugin - a very simple one, but very satisfying to get it working. I was wondering today if it was possible to update my new plugin across all my sites without having to do it manually, or go through the Wordpress system. And I found this…
Your own update server for WordPress themes and plugins.

The way it works is you set up an area on a server to act as your personal repo for your plugin files. Then you install the fx-updater plugin on one site and it controls when updates are ready to be pushed. All other sites just need an updater.php file in an includes folder within the plugin. This runs regularly (or you can force an update check from the dashboard), and it will then go ahead and do the update.

It actually works really well, and I was pleased to find that it even connects into InfiniteWP, so I can do all the updates from my InfiniteWP dashboard.


I’ve just been playing around some more and have now got it to update direct from a GitHub repo.

You need to get the zip download link and enter it into the settings panel:

Also make sure the file structure has the plugin php file at the very top level. See example here: