Automating version display in migration documentation

Updated DOC to reflect that [the migration plugin now supports WP 5.8.1]

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Thank you - but - we should not be manually updating anything in the documentation each time a new version is released or something is updated!

These manual steps have a way of accumulating over time, and it’s fairly easy to keep up with them 3 or 4 or 5 times but they always get out of date!

Always look for ways to do the work once and set up something that just keeps working later on, instead of requiring more steps every single time we do a release or an update.

I assume you are talking about Installing ClassicPress | ClassicPress Documentation here. In this case we have already solved that problem on the main site How to Install ClassicPress CMS | Download ClassicPress

The code for that shortcode is here:

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Then let’s Add that shortcode that returns latest supported version in doc site as well
It’s the only way I know to make a plain text entry dynamic…

I’ll add it to the git repo as pr?

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We can skip a couple of steps there too. I can add the code now and you can update the doc content?

Done on my end:

yeah sure, the shortcode is added:

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