Avid styling (css) person needed

For the new guidelines and guides I’d like to make the search input and the list a tad nicer

I’m boring at css, I either overdo or underdo

If someone wants and is willing to write up a few lines of css to make the search input and list a little nicer I think it could be cool.

Nothing urgent.


Of course if consensus is that’s enough - for me it’s good enough too at least at the moment.

When I tried searching, it doesn’t work. There’s a JS error in the console:

That worked just 10 minutes ago.


@viktor - Fixed.

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Works. Should we change the “Search” placeholder to “Filter”? Since it doesn’t perform an actual search through the guides’ content and only filters the titles, that would be more appropriate. Search is misleading at this point.

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No problem. Luckily I made this part editable by shortcode args
I can also pass anything to the loop (but for the filter to work it needs an ul/li tree)
Just let me know here what changes you suggest I’ll make it happen

The shortcodes are displaying here in the preview that the forum shows. What is it that is able to scrape shortcodes?

It looks like meta/OG descriptions have shortcodes. I think SEO stuff will be tackled later, once Beda has proper access to the site.

Was this the theme that was referenced in another discussion, about needing to be fixed or whatever?
When I look at the User Guides page, there is a body tag (which Dev Tools says is causing an overflow) and then a bunch of link and meta tags that should be in the head section instead of the body. So it looks to me as if the theme isn’t working correctly.
Where can I get the theme to test locally?

Download it from wp svn (link is in the devhub)
It might need some editing on that part, I didn’t focus on head and html much.

The used theme is a stripped version of that one
(Stripped so it doesn’t hold the code needed for local parsing and such)

I can share actual copy of theme tomorrow for you to use.

Why would I want to start with the WP version if we already have a stripped down version?

I think I found it - somehow the wp_header is after opening body tag instead of just before closing head tag.
I’ll fix that but can’t do it now because I (as mentioned elsewhere) do not have server access. I’ll be able to look at this after Wednesday.

The ShortCodes are in the preview because there are description meta tags, and there is no content in that page but the shortcodes, and these tags are populated with excerpts unless specified else, and excerpts do not expand shortcodes, and are built with whatever is first in the cotnent.
Thus it is how it shows in the meta tags.
As you can see on the other pages it does not happen. That is because those other pages have content prior to the shortcodes. This is also a reason why I asked for a short intro to this page
However of course, I am happy to actually install SEO Plugins or do a more advanced SEO handling in the theme (as of now, it is simply how WP DevHub handles it.

A manual excerpt for the page would fix it quickly for SEO, although search pages shouldn’t be indexed anyway.

This thread is about CSS Styling of the Filter and List

Let’s stick to it.

For SEO Issues, if not covered in other tickets, we should create new tickets.

@viktor I already changed the “Search” to “Filter” in the inputs (both placeholder and title)

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