Badges on Forum

Any thoughts on some badges we should add to the forum?

I was thinking at the very least we should have sponsor badges and I am looking into this ( for contributor badges.

Let me know what everyone thinks!

I think a sponsor/supporter badge is a lovely gesture. A few ideas for later on might be badges for theme-devs, plugin-devs, and local organizers (Meetup-ers, et al).

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Completely agree on the sponsors/supporters badge - CodePotent has more than earned that one!

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Added in 3 levels to the supporter badge, no idea what the difference will be yet but it is a start!

@Code_Potent I have assigned you the gold supporter badge that you can use as a title as well :slightly_smiling_face:


I think that’s a great idea. I don’t suppose we need a rainbow of badges for anything and everything, but it is important to value contributions and have a way of showing who’s doing what. :slight_smile:


Perhaps a Volunteer badge for anyone’s who has made a contribution to the project?

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For that I am thinking this plugin ( :slight_smile:

Ahh, that’s cool - and I guess for non Github contributions we need another way - perhaps we can have a “Badge earners” thread where Team leads can say who has earned a badge (to act as a public record of their contribution and to notify moderators that it needs to be applied)

Started at:

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This setup is looking good. It would be nice if we can automate badge assignment based on GitHub contributions, as most of our code is tracked there.

Does Discourse have an API?

See this comment (Badges on Forum)

I am going to start working on this tomorrow :slight_smile:


How is the progress coming along with badge system and auto assignment? Is there a page I can view all possible badges currently available as well as a mini description of how to earn them? If there is not such a page yet how difficult would it be to set one up?

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You can click the hamburger menu at upper-right, then click Badges for the full list of badges and descriptions of how to earn them. Most of the badges are awarded right when the particular goal is met, however, there are a few that seem to run on a cron job, probably for performance reasons, so, they take a little while to show up.


You can see your current badges on your profile page.


What are the bronze, silver and gold supporters? I see you are a gold supporter John!


I’ve donated a couple grand to the foundation (so far). I think they manually awarded it as a kind of extra “thanks”. :slight_smile: Not sure what any of them mean outside of that.


@wadestriebel would know the answer to this, he’s the Keymaster for the Forums :slight_smile:


Badges in general are mostly automated now (ya gamification :wink: ). The supporter badges I have plans for but haven’t had a chance to fully roll them out!


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