Banned for mentioning Classicpress


Yeah, surely not a great emoji. Though completely apropos to the author.


and this kind of situations just reminds me this petition.

Those people that we all now who they are, just because they have sysadmin and other privilieges are distorting the facts suggesting that our ClassicPress project is behind Fake Reviews in Guttenberg and Spam links.

Good for us that the reviews and comments were made by real people that live in a real world and not in a bubble where Gutenberg is the best thing that everyone should like and who doesn’t like is afraid of change.


I get annoyed by people chiming in to say “but Gutenberg is great; just keep trying!” when users write in to say, It’s not working for me and my site.


As mentioned in the make/support post linked above, we encourage anyone having issues with the WP forums to reach out to them on in the #forums channel.


That’s not so easy when your account has been disabled


I’ve had to ban / block one woman who works for Automattic for making statements critical of Gutenberg’s “by any means necessary” roll out.


I’ve used WP since 2004, and the mods have always seemed a bit confrontational in the forums. That’s why I stopped going there for support. I also got the idea that anything they didn’t want to hear about was considered to be “spam.”

The “the mods are volunteers, so you better be nice to them” thing got real old as well. Respect is a two-way street.

That’s JMO. I’ll stop there.


I said that the new editor is no longer a word processor or text editor but an editor for media blocks - a totally different thing. And got removed as did the people replying to me.

Totally censored on word press. BUT according to this post - from the moderators - I shouldn’t be getting censored and neither should you. Free discussion is hewre solutions come from. Totalitarian banning is where clients are lost.

THe failure to listne to users and being so high handed is costing WP dearly.


It’s certainly a big part of my moving over here.


As they mentioned in the comments, you are welcome to plead your case on Slack to try to get your post republished.

They say that anyone who was “wrongly” removed should reach out to them…


No you can’t because if you have been banned, you cannot login to Slack to plead your case.


@Voodoochill The WordPress Slack account is different from the account so you can register in the WordPress Slack and plead your case like @james suggested.


OK, but I can’t find out how to register it just asks for amnestying email and password.

Is it

Sign in to Making WordPress

It says

Contact the workspace administrator for an invitation

But I see no link for that contact


This should work:


Also isn’t it complete and utter ridicule that someone has to jump through hoops to practically beg to get its comment re-published?

Democratizing publishing, as long as you say what we like, uhuh!


Yes, that. is the page I was on. I cannot see where to register


OITCONZ, WordPress is owned by Automattic. Although Automattic is not publicly-traded (and it may not have the strength to be, honestly) one of its big investors is CNET with many other companies as share holders and investors. It’s well known that WordPress wants to go after WIx’s market share and compete with them Wix/Weebly/Squarespace/ and so on. ASAP. There may be strong financial situations motivating this approach to push Gutenberg out whether it’s stable, buggy or secure so quickly as to basically set back development by several months for most users if not longer. I’m sure there are financial motivations, or else it would have been done in a more professional “community driven” approach.

My point is that, given what we’ve already seen, with Gutenberg roundly garnering 1-star reviews (that no one mentions for some reason) from users, with people just mentioning ClassicPress having their mentions and pages deleted, with WP/Automattic leads saying menacing things, even its founder talking like a laid back surfer dude in public but saying other things less friendly in private meetings (that I’ve read about), I wouldn’t put anything past them. ClassicEditor is said to have Gutenberg elements being added to it over time before they pull it and so on.

The “bloom is off the rose” as the saying goes, and I can only hope more of WPs army of developers who work mightily for free whilst their leader does whatever he wants, his way, without any thought of users or agencies who derive their livings from using WP and rely on it, come to CP to devote their energies.


It should be under the heading “Joining the WordPress team on Slack” and there is a link that says something along the lines of we will email you an invite.


Yes I can see Joining the WordPress team on Slack, and then there is only

Please log in to first to join.


@Voodoochill As per a convo on twitter (here) you can reach out to forum-password-resets[at]