Banned for mentioning Classicpress


I spent several years of my life doing WP meetups and bootcamps and workshops trying to get reimbursed for events from Automattic and dealing with their “you endorse us but you cannot endorse your own business” until I began to see local “WP celebrities” emerging and taking over local WordCamps and actively recruiting clients in hotel lobbies, hosting their own meetups and recruiting clients there and quickly realized it was a “good old boys” farming system where those who knew and liked others would promote those few. That’s one of the reasons why there is so little diversity in WP in terms of age, gender, ethnicity. The WP podcasts all have the same rotating “WP celebrities” on all the time and so on and so forth.


These are two of the things I hate most about WP. I am hopeful that ClassicPress will tread a different path.


Not all are the same the ones I do In Victoria BC are a bit different and My Podcast is different.


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