Best Security for CP

What is the best security for CP?
Bulletproof Security 7 or Shield Security Pro?
Which is the easiest to use?

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I have a very good experience with Cerber Security. But be careful, some features are very ruthless, you can be thrown out of your site too. My recommendation is to whitelist your IP address just after activation.

“Easiest to use” is not the best description of a security application.

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I have been using Shield Security Pro on my CP websites, and I have encountered no issue.
As Linas Simonis remarked, no security application is very easy to use, since it should be configurable for your needs. But Shield Security Pro support is helpful. I vaguely remember to have recently read that they are even willing to help new paid customers with initial configuration, but you should check that with them.
And until now, Shield Security Pro has proved supportive of CP websites.


You scares me. At the moment I am still with WordFence via I am considering to move my one Blog to CP. Until now I have no problems with WordFence. But they do not cover CP. I am a non-techy computer guy. That means I have to stay away from Cerber. Thank you

@jfmayer: As you said “no security app is very easy to use”. That is why I prefer to sign up with the paid version of Wordfence too. The support is great. It seems that Shield Security Pro has more support via CP. I have not heard about Bulletproof Security.
Thank you

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I’ve been using the pro version of Bulletproof Security (reasonable one off price for unlimited sites) with no issues on several CP sites. It takes a while to explore all its features but support forum is good.

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Just a heads up here. I’ve been using Wordfence successfully with Classicpress for 6 months or so. Recently I’ve been getting 522 timeout errors from Cloudflare, and very sluggish performance in the admin area. After much experimenting, it turns out Wordfence was the culprit. My guess is it is blocking some Cloudflare IPs, but I can’t be bothered to dig around and find out which, so I’m probably going to ditch it for Shield now.


I’ve been using WordFence on several CP sites without issue. I am not using Cloudflare.

I also use WordFence on many CP sites that are protected by Cloudflare, and I find it to be an excellent combination. No problems encountered.

The problem is, that the free WordFence is, in general, useless, because of outdated firewall rules. Or, you should install another firewall, Ninja Firewall, for example, and use Wordfence only for hardening.

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I have ask Wordfence again if they are going to support CP. Answer is No.

I take it back. It turns out it wasn’t a Cloudflare / Wordfence incompatibility. I disabled Wordfence and replaceid it with Shield Security and I’m still having the same problems. I don’t know what the cause is. Latest hunch is a clash between caching plugin and Cloudflare.

Maybe it’s just me, but the Cloudflare plugin doesn’t work with CP. The settings is just a blank page.

Have you tried using object caching via Memcached, Redis, or APCu instead of page caching?

i haven’t but I will look into it. Thanks!

The Cloudflare plugin reports compatibility with WordPress 3.4 and up:

If the Cloudflare plugin does not work on ClassicPress then you should also see the same error on WordPress 4.9. This should be reported to the plugin developers, it looks like the best place is on GitHub.

Also, the Cloudflare plugin is not necessary to use Cloudflare with a ClassicPress site.