Best shared hosting for CP with an affiliate program?

Hey guys. Just trying to make some plans.

As some of you may know, I’m planning a blog called, which will be part of my portfolio as a freelance writer.

The good news about it is that I’ve changed my mind about its scope and focus: Instead of featuring three platforms and talking about “everything” that the reader should know about to publish on the web, the blog will now only be about web publishing in general, and ClassicPress. Yes, it will now only promote and support ClassicPress as its platform of choice, and it will use ClassicPress itself as its CMS. Yey!

That’s the good news. The bad news is that I won’t be able to launch it for some months yet. Studying about technical writing, computers, and web publishing, so that I can effectively write for this blog, are only small parts of what I have to do. I’m just starting my business, and there are so many areas that need my attention right now. As a freelance writer, I’ll be offering services for Christian writing, business writing, and technical writing.

Anyway, that’s just the background. To the topic at hand: What is the best shared hosting service for ClassicPress that has an affiliate program? Because I figured that, when I finally launch this blog, this will be the best way to monetize it, in addition to being a showcase for my technical writing skills.

I will sign up for the service, and host there That way, I can be true and honest about my recommendation. But I only need to host this one blog, and so I’ll only pay for the basic or starter plan.

I will also need to take screenshots of the back-end, so that I can properly guide the readers in my tutorials.

A quick Google search show that many web hosting companies have affiliate programs, but I don’t want to try out any of them so that I can choose the best. So I’m asking for your recommendations instead :slight_smile:

I asked about shared hosting because I don’t have the knowledge and skills to manage a VPS. (Also, I might not be able to afford it.) Besides, it should be shared hosting (preferably with cpanel), because that’s the common starting point for newbie webmasters, and that’s what I need to know about firsthand so that I can write about it.

Note: My present webhost is DIY and for advanced users, and so I can’t use it for my tutorials.

“Good”, “shared hosting” and “affiliate” don’t play nice in one sentence. Why? My answer is here: What’s Wrong With Hosting Affiliates.

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Thanks for the info. I kinda suspected something like this, that’s why I asked in this forum, but I never thought that the situation is this bad… :frowning:

Money is not my main motivation; I still plan to go through with the blog despite the delays, and even if I can’t make direct money from it. Besides, I’ll not be making reviews, but articles and tutorials that goes rather deep into using ClassicPress (similar to Windows Inside Out series by Microsoft). I just thought that it’ll be nice if I can recommend a good shared hosting at the same time, and earn some commission.

I’ve just bought this old book today, a used copy. This will serve as my model for the blog posts I plan to write for – in depth, in accessibility, in format.

The thing is, I am not yet to the expertise level of the professional technical writers who wrote this book, and I want to get closer to them first before I launch this blog. That’s one of the reasons why I’m delaying.