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So here’s my problem. I have hosting but can not get to cpanel. Only the wordpress back office. Most likely because of their security features I imagine that it won’t let you change core wordpress files, so I get this error.

Before I bother their support again, this took hours! ( i had to do this for 11 web sites the other night, for alpha, and figured I would be able to upgrade to beta without problems) Why does it say alpha in the downloading part of the message? This is the beta plugin, it says “upgrade”, not “switch”

Downloading update from…

Download failed.: cURL error 7: couldn’t connect to host

Installation Failed

How did you install WP? Are you using some sort of managed WordPress hosting, and have no login details for your hosting account?

If you cannot login to your hosting account’s file manager, then you are probably stuck with WP from what I understand (assuming they are protecting the WP core files).

I made some posts about the migration issue, which you can find here:

I think I understand now. I had read the other post (a couple of times) and couldn’t make sense of it. OKAY… so the very last version of alpha and the first version of beta are the same files? In the dashboard it says:
" ClassicPress 1.0.0-alpha1+migration.20181023 "

This is the old version of the alpha build, without auto updates. For future WP sites you need to download the latest version of the migration plugin as described here:

For this site you have a couple of options:

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So the problem is managed wordpress hosting. Can not upgrade to classicpress even using the ftp method. Some kind of security thing that stops it from working. No problems on regular host, like SiteGround. Works flawlessly. Fortunately on this particular managed host tech can do something on their end and then it works.

Yes, you need to weigh up the pros and cons of doing it that way. The main pro is security, but the con is lack of freedom.

Only you can make the choice, depending on what you want and your level of technical skill. Even using a host’s one-click installer can take away your freedom to do things the way you want.

By doing things yourself, you learn a lot in the process, which increases your skill set. But not eveyone is prepared to do that. It can be very rewarding though, once you’ve mastered it.

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Yea I usually stick with normal hosting and do everything myself. I not only stick with normal hosting, but I want to see a cPanel that looks like cPanel! Some of these companies with their custom cPanel… Takes you a week just to figure that out! I purchased this and they called it “hosting”, not “managed wordpress hosting”. I usually run either wordpress or use html5. I’d say I didn’t read the details, but I’m not sure there were details to read. I did get the proper plugin to work , but now it doesn’t upgrade from alpha to beta like it should. So I guess they have to do something there again. I will just keep after them until they accept Classic Press and make things happen! jeezzzee… Good thing my other host is SiteGround.

Re-reading your reply at the time, I did think it sounded like you did already know how to do it yourself.

Glad to hear you do know how to do things yourself and know the benefits.

I’m stressed over 5.0 and what could happen to client sites. I use Blue Host and although I have Disable Updates on my sites and was told they have auto updates off, I know sometimes things slip through the cracks.

If I have edited the HTACCESS file so that the wp-contents page no longer shows, and changed the PHP settings within my host’s C panel, and know to go to WordFence and make the needed changes to that so it doesn’t list ClassicPress as an error and send me 861 error alerts…will switching over to ClassicPress mean I need to double-check the HTACCESS edit and the PHP changes?

These settings will not be affected as a result of switching over to ClassicPress.

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-Whew- Also, just checked and the wp-includes (NOT wp-contents as I thought) is still the same and yep, everything else looks kosher. So much of this is new, so it needs repetition over time, kind of like client communication.

Okay, I just installed the BETA on my main production site. Anyone who has a spare moment or two, please go to the following site, hit a link or three and let me know if you encounter any problems.

My thanks in advance

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I clicked around a bit and everything seemed to work fine.

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I have visited several sections and articles (using Safari), and I have not noticed any issue.
There is a quite huge footer at the bottom, but I assume this is the way it is meant to be.
Pleasant site, by the way!

Wonderful. Thanks so much for taking the time. Glad you liked it too

works fine used firefox and opera


Thanks so much

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