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“Beautiful Page Building Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress” by Blockspare does NOT function in ClassicPress.

Although the Blockspare Page Editor plugin files for JS and CSS seem properly loaded in the Admin Add or Edit Page source code the Control, a Plus Icon, stays in a hidden state and can’t be seen or clicked to add the Blockspare page blocks.

This observed on Dec. 8, 2020.

Tested on a localhost development Mac laptop with the latest Classipress installation and Blockspare Free plugin.
PHP Version 7.4.9

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Hello @TruthTriumphs and welcome to ClassicPress.

Unfortunately, unless I’m missing something, Blockspare will never work with ClassicPress.

ClassicPress is based on WordPress 4.9 and thus does not have Gutenberg or any kind of block editor. It retains the tried and trusty WYSIWYG editor. That’s one of the main reasons why ClassicPress exists.

If you need a block editor or any kind of compatibility with Gutenberg, then I’m afraid ClassicPress isn’t for you.


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