Blubrry 11.0.6 throwing fatal error


I just discovered that the latest version of the Blubrry podcasting plugin (11.0.6) was failing fatally with this error:

PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function register_block_type() in /home/jeremygrav/

I expect I foolishly upgraded without checking compatibility, and have fixed the problem by reverting to a backup of version 9.10.

I do not know enough to understand whether it would be possible to modify the Blubrry plugin so that it does not attempt to call register_block_type.

My question is, would anyone consider doing that, or is there a CP plugin that will insert an audio player in the same way?

Also, is there a way to mark plugins that should not be updated, either visually on the admin screen or somehow programatically?



We have introduced blocks compatibility in v2. It includes this function:

You could try to create a custom function like the one in v2 to polyfill it.

On the other hand, what type of audio player do you need?

CP has a built-in audio player with a shortcode.


I have been using the plugin because it makes it easy to offer an RSS feed for podcast epsiodes and also collects some statistics. I have more than 300 episodes and no desire to edit each of them to make a player available, although if I absolutely had to, I would.

I will wait for CPv2 to be ready for use in production.

Thanks again.

v2.0 is rather stable at this point. Iā€™m using it on 2 production websites without issues, and I know a few others do, too. If you want to try it, you shouldnā€™t have any problems. The only thing that may come up is plugins/theme compatibility. But that will also come up when v2.0 is production-ready.

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Good points. And I could always revert if I had to.

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