Broken logo (opened path)

I’ve noticed that there is a problem in the ClassicPress logo (every version I’ve downloaded).
There are open vectors in the logo end in letters C, a, s and e.
While it’s not a problem when on web or printed, this can cause issues in:

  • CNC machining
  • Font creation

Here 2 images:
This is the top right of the logo

This is the bottom left of the s


Good catch Simone! Not sure who created the logo but definitely will have to fix that. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.


Thank you!
Not so hard to discover, when the icon in the fonts looked in this way :sweat_smile:


On a whim, I decided to take a quick look at this.

I downloaded what I presume are the original files from and had a look at each file in Illustrator but I couldn’t actually find any broken paths or spuriously placed anchors.

It’s entirely possible that I’ve missed the broken bits, but out of curiosity, I created a font glyph from icon-gradient.svg and this is the result.


@Simone, can I just ask which vector files you’re using?

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Vectors from .
In illustrator you can check with the “info” palette, I don’t remember exactly where but it tells about opened and closed paths. I had a CNC router for a couple of years so for me open paths are a nightmare :rofl:


Yes, I can imagine broken paths are not great for CNC machines. :smile:

I can see what you mean now. I’ve had a look at the icon-white.svg file and I can see the open path.

I thought at first that the problem might just be a glitch in how Illustrator exports to SVG but there are actually open paths in the original Illustrator artwork (although not as pronounced).

Illustrator file:

SVG file:

Should be relatively easy to fix. :wink:


From the screenshot even the AI file seems less broken, maybe SVG looks more broken for the lower resolution (number of decimals in cohordinates).


I may, or may not, have fixed the open paths in icon-white, which is this one:


You can download the SVG from here:

It looks OK to me and Info shows zero open paths but can you have a look just to confirm?

This SVG is to 3 decimal places.


Sure! Monday I’ll be back to office… this weekend I’m on the Alps without computer!


:+1: Yes, it’s perfect!


Excellent :+1: 1 down, 5 to go… :grinning:


I think it could be easier for the letters to rewrite them…
Does someone know the exact font?

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I think it’s Zeppelin 31? But I don’t know for sure. Might want to ask @BlueSkyPhoenix.

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@Simone I don’t know the exact font; I wasn’t the one who created it. I can do some checking around though.


There was a small discussion about that in Slack yesterday) This is a proper answer, probably:

Istok Web Regular + letter-spacing (-2-3%) Font-weight is a bit different, but the logo could be created in Illustrator and use different aliasing. Or maybe has a tiny stroke outline to make it look solid

The logo font in general may not be documented at all, as the logo usually goes “as is” and shouldn’t be decomposed. Otherwise it’s too easy to distort kerning and other detailes. And logo font doesn’t need to match typography guildlines rules written for plain text) It’s a separate artwork/asset.

P.S. Istok Web is available on Google Fonts.


The Knife Tool (or cutter?) seems to work well on letters.
Edit: works perfect, 10 opened path resulted in 10 points less, so they were overlapping perfectly!


I’ll send the AI. I’ve also reordered letters.
I’ve not closed the logo as @1stepforward already did, I left it there as a placeholder…

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