Broken Sites Needed

Does anyone have any broken sites after the WP update (yours, clients, etc) that I could use in a video?

I want to make a quick video of showing the diff b/w CP and WP and run some paid traffic to a lander.


Hilarious! Did you try Googling (or DuckDuck-ing, I should say) “Gutenberg broken sites” in the image search?

I’m sure if you asked on Facebook there might be a few screenshots of jacked-up sites posted. Or if you look up Gutenberg problems. Likely to be alot there.

I found these two looking up Gutenberg error messages.


I haven’t done any searches yet, but will today/tomorrow. Just tossed this here in case someone had anything handy.

Thx for the pics!

Sure. I’m on the Divi Facebook forums checking for news or reports every once in a while, and saw alot (as in avalanche) of people complaining about white screens, broken sites, logging and seeing nothing there, Divi not responding at all, not loading, WooCommerce not working correctly, on and on.

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