Bug in web app on Android 8.1?

I am accessing forums via web app.
While trying to download files (PDF) of commettee meeting agenda I got this behaviour:

Some times it downloads files before abruptly closing the app, sometimes not.

I tried several times and the result is the same.

After that opening the app again freezes for minutes on a white screen, forcing it closed and re-opening loads right away.


I am getting the same thing in the PWA running on Android 9 (Oxygen OS 9.0.9).


If it helps, my Android runs chrome browser.
If you happen to need a list of my installed apps that may conflict with the pwa or other data, I am happy to share.

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Usually the right behaviour is I click, it asks download consent than asks which service to use to open. In the past it worked for me on the forums.
Seems the white banner does something to the process.