Bug on plugins updater ( ?)

Hi everyone!!
Here is something that I’ve noticed on the plugin updater which I have the notion that is a bug. ( I don’t know if my report is in the right place. If it is not please move it wherever it supposed to be).
Whenever I apply the whatever updates I get for the plugins I run on my website, the updater claims that it switches the website in maintenance mode for as long as it needs to do each update. The problem is that it doesn’t get out of the maintenance mode and doesn’t refresh the page to give a message that the process is completed.
It looks like it stays forever on the same screen without indicating if it downloaded something or it finished the updates but if I wait for a while and then switch to the dashboard it looks like it has completed all the updates. It DOES update… it is not that it doesn’t finish the updates at all.
So I have the notion that this is some kind of bug on the updater, not because it doesn’t eventually do the updates but because it doesn’t refresh the page to show that it did so.
I also doubt if it actually switches the website in maintenance mode as I don’t see something like that a message or something, when I have multiple tabs open on my browser. It never gets in maintenance mode while I’m updating the plugins even when I refresh the front end while I’m doing something on the back end.

If that is the way that is supposed to work of course, then don’t get into any trouble to figure out what is going on. I don’t mean to bother you as I understand that you might have more important things to do. I’ve just thought to report this just in case it is indeed some sort of minor bug. :slight_smile:

I think this is one for @Simone

Thank you @Marialena.S for pointing this out.

It’s an unusual behaviour as UpdateClient just checks if there is a new plugin version and tells to CP where to get the update. Then it’s up to CP to go into maintenance mode, download and install the new version.

There can be a timeout issue. If you want you can get more information installing Query Monitor (version 3.11.2 if you are using CP v1).

This might help, too:

Hi and thank you for your immediate reply ( and sorry for my delay to answer back but I was in between very busy.
Thank you for your suggestion but I’m not sure that I understand what sort of information this plugin provides and after watching the video I didn’t manage to locate any kind of “.maintenanc fail” or similar file in my website’s public_html.
There is no such file in there among the other .something files.
So it doesn’t generate an error file.

The maintenance file is hidden by default. You have to enable the option to view hidden files. If present it means CP tried to update a received a time-out (took too much and basically did half of the process). So delete the file maintenance and retry. That file should be in the same place where wp-config is to be clear.

Another thing to do is increase memory limits and such in PHP.ini file or in the PHP configs of your hosting. Will link a guide about that tomorrow.