Business Cards

@invisnet requested: “Can someone put together some ClassicPress business cards? It’d be really useful to be able to give them to people who haven’t heard of cp yet. I’ll get mine printed, just need the artwork”

also would like to include a QR Code that contains all the different URL resources (main site, documentations, forums, petitions, democracy, etc.)

and the URL.

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@BlueSkyPhoenix, can you provide all of the info here that needs to be present on the cards (text, QR code, etc)?

Just to follow up on that - the cards should be more about ClassicPress than the person handing them out; yes, it’s useful for the recipient to know who gave them the card so that needs to be included, but the purpose is to promote ClassicPress not the card-bearer.


@eric I would keep the business cards simple and to the point; focused on CP:

~CP Logo~
The business-focused CMS
Powerful. Versatile. Predictable.

You can put the QR code on the back (you can generate these online)
Also on the back, you could maybe include this text:
ClassicPress is a modified and enhanced version of WordPress (without Gutenberg) that serves the business website market.

That’s probably more than enough.

@BlueSkyPhoenix, I’ve attached the business card option here.

I opted not to put the sentence on it as it can get pretty crammed AND there is potential for it to change as CP evolves and more marketing plans are in place.

Note: I did design these (and the letterhead) in US-based sizes, but can easily change to UK if sizes are provided (I’m US-based and haven’t designed for UK print before)

Please let me know any changes you want implemented, here. If we need the sentence, which is fine, I suggest removing “without Gutenberg” as it gives a negative connotation and people can learn more about that on the website.

CP_Businesscard_option.pdf (70.4 KB)


Looks good, just one thing I’d change: we don’t need an address - these aren’t traditional business cards in that sense - so we can use that space to say something more about CP.

Thanks, @invisnet.

I’ll make the changes after I get more feedback.

Agree on dropping the “without Gutenberg” - let’s focus on what we do have rather than what we don’t have.

Instead of “without Gutenberg” we could say something like “a modified and enhanced version of WordPress 4.9.x” or “the WordPress 4.9 branch” or even “WordPress with the classic, proven TinyMCE editor”.

I think it would also be better to use black or a shade of gray for the text color. The purple looks a bit out of place to me. Here are a couple of text colors in use on the current site:


Whatever color you make the text, just make sure it has enough CONTRAST please :slight_smile:

@eric it doesn’t look like you’re getting a lot of pushback on the design, other than dropping the “without Gutenberg” – which I agree with too. Would you have time to make the requested changes and submit a revised file? Thank you!

Thank you for the feedback, @BlueSkyPhoenix @Cape_Dave @james @invisnet

Please see the attached, revised version. I went a little darker with the gray text to help with readability.

Let me know if any further changes are needed.

CP_Businesscard_option_rev1.pdf (70.3 KB)

I like it. If we want a “general” business card that can just be handed out (that doesn’t have an individual’s name on it, what would we include? Perhaps links to our forum and Slack channels? Discord? any thoughts on this?

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I think adding the communication options would be a good thing to add there.

I think the page is the best thing to link to from a business card. It covers all of the communication/contact methods except Discord, which we can add, we just need to make it clear that it’s an alternative to Slack and you can pick one.

If there is something we need to add/change later, we can do it on that page, but it’s pretty hard to change the links on the cards once they already exist.

How about adding the official mantra under the logo? Powerful. Versatile. Predictable.