Business Concerns

Your concerns are valid and shared by quite a few professionals who have come to these forums (and then left).

CP is not a business. It is a political exercise.

It is not geared towards business, nor does it understand the needs or culture of business. It is not–and will not be–a viable CMS for businesses.

You are entitled to your opinion, but clearly most of us here disagree, and not out of ignorance, as you appear to suggest.
You don’t have an exclusive claim to understanding ‘the needs or culture of business’, as many of us have significant experience in business, professional, and corporate settings.


You’re right, I’m wrong. Got it.

Now go talk to anyone you know in PR and ask them what you did wrong.

Account is now deleted.

Just out of curiosity, who are these “quite a few professionals” that you speak of? Knowing their identities and why they left would be helpful to the continued development of CP.

If you think CP is merely a “political exercise,” then you don’t know the project at all, and you should educate yourself about it before making another comment.

Unless you have a crystal ball, you have no idea how viable CP is or will be. It’s still early days.


All you have to do is read the forum. I check in from time to time to see how things are going, but that’s it. I, too, have made suggestions and encouraged monetization to facilitate a more rapid deployment of CP and greater infrastructure. There’s either interest in that or there is not. I don’t have time or interest to get into flaming or repeating things. At this point, I hope CP survives and does well; I will support it through my use and informing others of it, but I’m not here to try to convert anyone.

Oh. Pardon me. :roll_eyes:


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