Call to Action: ClassicPress Blog

A call to action to all who are interested. I want to thank @Code_Potent, @Devrealm_Guy, @ElisabettaCarrara, @ozfiddler and everyone else that wrote a post or participated in an MTC for their contributions to the official ClassicPress blog, but we are still looking for more to publish! Currently we are looking for more tutorials, news or anything else you all think will be interesting for the blog.

Everyone that is interested in (re)publishing something that they think might be interesting for the CP blog, please contact me via PM or over on the ClassicPress Slack. Maybe your post will be the next post featured!


What about some user survey sort of stuff? Like what is missing (docs, functionality)? Or what kinds of sites people build? Or goals for their sites?


Thanks for your feedback!

We decided in the meeting that it would be good to do case studies of some successful ClassicPress sites. We had started a list of them here; I think the next logical step is to go through that list and start connecting with the people who posted them to get more information.

A survey might be interesting to get an idea of what our community wants to read about. I’m not sure asking about functionality applies here (we have the petitions site for that) but perhaps survey our community in a more general way to start generating content that is helpful to them.


Using the built in forum polls might work, with an option that says “if you have suggestion outside of the options here please post it below”.