Can I still download an old version of Elementor?

I have a donations landing page that was built using Elementor. Is there any possible way to get it working in ClassicPress? If not, can anyone provide a good alternative to Elementor? Something that’s fairly straight forward to use…

Thanks for any guidance.

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Hi @Pauhana and welcome!

Elementor has been discussed a lot here. There is now a fork (in beta) that you can try…

If you want to move on to a different product that is definitely supporting ClassicPress then have a look at Beaver Builder.


If you’re using the free version of Elementor, previous versions can be downloaded from here Click on the dropdown at the bottom of the page.

Or do as @ozfiddler says :slight_smile:


Thanks much. Got it working. :slightly_smiling_face:


Out of curiosity, which option did you end up going with: older version of Elementor, or the Classic Elementor fork?

Note that Elementor 2.8.5 has a security fix, I am not sure about the details here or how severe of an issue this was.

I downloaded and tried to use the older version of Elementor (2.7.6).

However, after doing so and getting everything adjusted, I now keep seeing the message “The preview could not be loaded” during the presentation of the donation success page, with the detail “unserialize(): Error at offset 1320 of 2572 bytes”. I’m now looking at using wpPageBuilder instead. (Didn’t expect this to take so much time/effort, but the best laid plans…). :slightly_smiling_face: