Can I switch to nightly?

can I somehow switch the website to use a nightly version without reinstalling everything?
and if yes, then how?

Go to website, download the Switch to ClassicPress plugin, install it by uploading it.
Then visit tools>Switch to ClassicPress in dashboard.
At this point go here: Releases · ClassyBot/ClassicPress-v2-nightly · GitHub (there is the latest nightly release)
right click on the zip source code of latest nightly and copy link.
After that again visit tools>switch to ClassicPress, click “show advanced controls” and paste the link in the migrate with custom link box. then hit the button to migrate. And welcome to the nightly.
It will prompt you to upgrade every morning because every night there is a new release.


As @ElisabettaCarrara said, enjoy the nightly! Lots of good new stuff there!

Let us know if you have any issues with it or questions about it!

ok, so next question, you mentioned before that it’s quite stable, right?
I mean stable as no big issues that render my website completely and utterly broken or that will impact it somewhat badly, not stable without changes because I know it’ll not be like that, and I’m ok to get a lot of changes.

It Is so stable that I use it on live sites.

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I concur, other than the daily alert in dashboard “version dd-mm-yy is available”… which for my OCD self is a bit of an irritant, the nightly works quite well. Minor incompatibilities with some themes or plugins (Modula pro plugin for gallery, neve pro theme from themeisle come to mind) nightly is super stable.

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so, any nice new features? and on what version of wp is it?

I use it on live sites too. It’s forked from the same version of WP as CP v2.0. As for the new features, here are some highlights:

  • jQuery UI has been replaced throughout

  • There’s a new option to save uploads by year in addition to the previous options

  • There’s a filter to enable the uploading of files with a comment

  • Phones should recognize a search field correctly and display the right symbol

  • Media categories and tags have been added

  • Creating a user taxonomy will now automatically generate the appropriate UI so that you can manipulate them just like a taxonomy of posts

  • Saving a blank post now generates the correct warning message instead of claiming that the post has been saved

For the full list, take a look at the PRs that have been closed: Pull requests · ClassicPress/ClassicPress · GitHub

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