Can't switch to CP since WP is already on 5.7.x


I intended to switch a website (as a pilot test to switch numerous other sites) from WP to CP.
However since I like to keep things updated, all those sites are under WP 5.7.x
Now, the Switch to ClassicPress plugin unfortunately seems to not allow switching from anything above 5.5.3

Is there any solution to this limitation?
Also, what is the exact reason why it doesn’t support the newer versions? I can imagine that a number of websites would profit from the ability to switch from the latest WP versions. At least, all my and clients sites, would fall into this are.

Appreciate any input.

On this test, I downgraded WP manually, however still looking for possible other solutions and a reason why the plugin wouldn’t support the newer WP Versions.



There has been a WP update breaking the migration. Our core devs spotted it and started working on a fix. At the same time they had to setup GitHub actions due to a change in GitHub.
The migration plugin is currently in the process of upgrading it to support 5.7.
To be noted that usually before releasing a new version due to WP upgrade, the plugin gets tested to make sure the process is smooth.
If a problem occurs once it is updated to 5.7, you can report it in this forum, so that it will be taken care of ASAP.
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We generally try to make sure that migration works from a WP site with the default themes installed. This is not currently the case for WP 5.7, which we plan to fix in the next release of ClassicPress. More details here:

If you want to go ahead and enable the migration anyway then you can do this:

Please make sure you take a backup of your site first (as with any time anyone uses the migration plugin), as other themes and plugins can still be relying on functions introduced in WP 5.x that are not present in ClassicPress.


In order to migrate my WP website to CP I used my backups.
I had some backup snapshots of my website and I used one of those that were compatible with the plugin. Then I updated the CP installation in its newest version and I re published a couple of posts that were missing that I had them either way on my pc as I rarely write something directly on CP.

Check which of your older backups is compatible with the plugin and before uploading this backup, copy from your website the posts that you published in between on text files in order to republish them. Keep also the dates that you initially published these posts in order to put them back when you’ll republish them. This way you are not going to lose your seo.

It will not take you that much time to put them back because it will be just copy- past change the date and publish.

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