Can't switch to CP with plugin

Expected behavior

Migrate to CP plugin should migrate my WP 5.3.3 site to CP.

Current behavior

I get this message: " This plugin supports WordPress versions 4.9.0 to 5.3.2 (and some newer development versions).
You are running WordPress version 5.3.3 ."

Possible solution

Update the migration plugin for later WP versions? I am using the one I downloaded direct from the CP site (says version 1.2.0)

Steps to reproduce

Provide a link to a live example, or an unambiguous set of steps to reproduce
this bug. Include code to reproduce, if relevant.

  1. Try to migrate a WP 5.3.3+ site to CP.


Testing Classic Commerce on a WP site on localhost. Trying to convert it to CP.

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I tested this on another, live WP site. Same result:

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If you use the advanced option you should be able to force the migration (ideally on a test site). If it works we can use the API endpoint to allow migrating from those versions.

I used the plugin to successfully migrate a site from 5.4 a few weeks ago.

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I know I could do it other ways. I was thinking more about the novice who is following instructions on the website on the “Get ClassicPress” page.

Has anything changed recently? I can see in the plugin there is this in the comments:

 * @return array {
 *     "wordpress": {
 *         "min": "4.9.0",
 *         "max": "5.x.x",

But the API endpoint has this:

// WordPress versions allowed for migration.
'wordpress' => [
	'min'   => '4.9.0',
	'max'   => '5.3.2',

I understand - but there will always be a slight delayed between versions until people can verify the migration works correctly. The best thing to do once verified it works is to open a PR saying so.

So if someone else can verify the migration works for 5.3.3 and 5.4.1 with no issues we can open a PR on that repo to adjust the max amount :slight_smile:

Hmmm… how does one do that if the migration plugin doesn’t work. There is no mention of any “advanced option” on my page.

Don’t worry. I’ll ftp in the files.

I edited the migration plugin to up the version number so it would run.

You could also just use the advanced controls that I mentioned above:

Here is a video showing the process. As mentioned, once we verify that the migration works successfully we can turn that on via the API for future users. At the end of the day someone has to test it to make sure it works before we push it live.

To show the form, paste the following JavaScript snippet in the developer console and run it:


To use it, enter a valid build URL. Or copy the link below for the most recent valid migration build.

PS. Here is the open PR now that I have tested it:

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And, as I mentioned above, I don’t have them. This is what I see…

It just tells me to contact my hosting provider (?)

Wait… I just watched the video again. You have to do something in devtools to make the option appear? Is that right? I’m confused.

You need to paste the javascript snippet into the devtools. Or, wait until this PR is merged.

Thanks for the test and the PR Wade, I’ve merged it so the migration plugin will start working for WP 5.4.1 now.

The “advanced controls” section is disabled/hidden if any of the migration plugin’s checks don’t succeed. This is mostly out of an abundance of caution, I think we can just show the button if the only thing that’s wrong is the WP version. This will require a new version of the migration plugin, but it will remove the need to paste special code into the browser console as Wade did.

Only the migration builds will work when switching from WP. We’ll need to document this.


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