Carbon Copy 1.0.0

:new: Carbon Copy 1.0.0

The Carbon Copy plugin allows you to duplicate any post, page, or custom post type item with a single click. Extremely handy for copying complex layouts, maintaining consistent headings or sections, etc. The plugin duplicates the title, the content, the excerpt, any custom fields, the metadata, associated taxonomies, and even the comment and trackback settings. A huge timesaver!

Upgrade Notes

  1. If you installed an early version (<1.0.0,) of Carbon Copy, you will not get a dashboard notice for an update since that version did not have an update mechanism built in. In that case, delete the original plugin and reinstall this version. This version contains a proper update method.

:arrow_down: Download

Download Carbon Copy 1.0.0

:hammer_and_wrench: Usage

  • From any admin page for posts, pages, or a custom post type, hover any row to reveal the “Duplicate” link.


  • From any editing screen, click the “Duplcate” button in the Publishing box at upper-right.

:man_juggling:: Support

See the online documentation. If you still need an assist, please create a dedicated thread in the Plugin Support forum and we’ll go from there.


This is the one I rely on so much.