Category colors

Is there a reasoning behind the colors of the forum subcategories? Because at the moment some have the same color as their parent, while others have drastically different colors.

In one sense, there is no reasoning behind them.

On the other hand when we want a subcategory to blend in (support) we have been using the same as the parent, and when we want it to stand out (release notes) we have been using a different colour.

Do you have any recommendations on category colours?

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Oh, I am not an expert here, I just found it quite random looking.

I did not wish to change the system, just understand it. It might however be an advantage to change the Plugin Directory color, as right now it seems like a Team forum that got misplaced.

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No worries, it does look random when you scroll through.

I am happy to change the colours so they are more consistent. If anyone has any input on it that would be great :slight_smile:

Also, I updated the Plugin Directory category. I didn’t realize how close it was to the team categories!

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