CC order numbers

A question about order numbers on CC
In general they are sequential e.g. 141,142,143 etc.
But every now and again a number or two gets skipped.

This morning “adjacent” numbers went from 16141 to 16543
So just referencing the order numbers is not a good way of counting orders
Can the start number be set or is it random

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It’s just the way CP/WP and CC/WC work. Orders in CC/WC are just custom post types and are given the next available post ID as any other post would.

In a typical scenario, Customer A creates an order. The order is given order number #1234 which happens to be the next available post ID. The website owner then adds a new product which is assigned post ID #1235 and a product image which gets post ID #1236. They then create a blog post about the new product and this is given ID #1237.

Then Customer B comes along and places a new order. The new order number is…? You guessed it: #1238.

There are one or two premium plugins designed to work around this BUT, of the two that I’ve found, their minimum requirements are such that there is no guarantee that either will work on CP/CC.

The plugins are:

Sequential Order Numbers Pro (by SkyVerge available from

Custom Order Numbers for WooCommerce (by Tyche Software)

The latter is only 18 USD at present as they’ve got a Black Friday sale on if you want to give it a try.

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The site is working and taking orders so I can live with the number gaps. I was just curious as to why. There were no blog posts or products added. I could see an incompleted order getting an id but sudden jump of 500 seemed odd, but then WP/CP does that with post ids as well.
Thank you for the explanation.

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There is also a free version of the SkyVerge plugin here:

It requires at least WP 4.4 and WC 3.0.9 so should be fine for us. Haven’t tested it yet, but I will do so; I just had a client ask me the same question. It does raise concern because it looks like you may have lost an order.


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