Change author of a post

Expected behavior

According to this web site How to Change the Author of a Post in WordPress it should be possible to change the author of a post to another (existing) account. Following this description I activated the author field in the Screen Options and should see an author box on the right besides the post.

Current behavior

The author box does not show up, so I cannot change the author.

I have tried to activate/deactivate other options, and it seems to me that most of them do not make an actual change. (Deactivating the post image box does, others do not.)

Steps to reproduce

Open an already published post.
Open the Screen Options menu.
Activate the author box.
:arrow_right: Author box will not show up.

It doesn’t matter whether an administrator account or an editor’s account tries to do that.


In a relatively new blog I had written a few articles with the administrator account instead of my editor’s account, and I want to correct that.

Hi, I tested the Quick Edit feature from the All Posts dashboard as you can see in this video I made with the screen capture.

To summarize, it works for me.

Sometimes plugins can cause conflicts with PHP and JavaScript, so I recommend you deactivate them and reactivate them one by one. It can also be a conflict between two plugins causing this.
If your site is using plugins developed for WP be aware that they might stop working or cause issues any time due to those plugins being updated to support the block editor.

Thank you! QuickEdit did the trick. I tried that in the normal edit mode.

But! It should also work in the normal edit mode. I still think it is a bug that the author box does not show up when activated in the Screen Options menu.

Have you tried to check if a plugin is conflicting? Plugins can cause some parts of the dashboard to mulfunction sometimes.
However I am happy you were able to make it work.
Another thing to consider is that if you tried to change the author using the editor user role this might not be possible due to roles capabilities (I will need to check this thing, but I think the editor r can’t change the author’s?)

Have you also tried clicking on the Screen Options tab (top right) on the post edit page? If you do that, you’ll see you have the option to display various meta bors, including author. If the author box is unchecked, checking it should cause the meta box to show up.

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